Wings over

"This book manages to be a superb introduction for the first-time visitor to Sweden's south-westernmost point and, simultaneously, an excellent reference book for those who often visit the Falsterbo peninsula..." 
Lennart Nilsson in Vår Fågelvärld

"'Wings Over Falsterbo' is an easy to read report on bird migration research and also a declaration of love and admiration to the birds and their behaviour as well as the Falsterbo peninsula..."  
Göran Björnstedt in Skånska Dagbladet

"A totally delightful book, both beautiful and informative..."
Inger Järsholm Broekhuis in Vinterposten

Click the links below for previews of excerpts from each section ( .pdf-files)!
"This Is Where Land Ends - A Final Outpost..."
A backward glance at the natural history of the Falsterbo peninsula.
How Do Birds Migrate?
The art of bird migration.
The Migration Calendar at Falsterbo
Bird migration is going on all year round, but most intensely during autumn.
Breeding Birds
About breeding birds at Falsterbo and Foteviken.
Bird Research at Falsterbo
Results from the work at the Falsterbo Bird Observatory: ringing, migration counts etc.
Bird-watching in the South-west
Guide to bird sites in Vellinge municipality.
Welcome to Falsterbo Bird Observatory
About guiding and other public arrangements.
Bird Species on the Falsterbo Peninsula
List of all species found on the Falsterbo peninsula up to and including 2003.
Bird Names in Eight Languages
Bird names in English, Latin, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and German.
More Bird Sites in South Scania and South-east Zealand 
Maps and short descriptions. These pages are located on the inside of the cover. A strange format therefore occurs in the pdfs.

Wood Pigeons over Falsterbo Lighthouse - front cover of Wings over Falsterbo.
Montage from photos by P-G Bentz (lighthouse) and John Larsen (pigeons).

Main author, editor & layout: Lennart Karlsson.
Co-authors: P-G Bentz, Sophie Ehnbom, Nils Kjellén, Björn Malmhagen, Rachel Muheim, Anna Nilsson, Peter Olsson and Susanne Åkesson.
Photographers: P-G Bentz, Jens B Bruun, Jan Elmelid, Björn Hillarp, Jan-Åke Hillarp, John Larsen, Arne Schmitz and others.
Sketches: Peter Elfman.
Translation into English from Swedish original Vingar över Falsterbo:
Greg McIvor.

Size 220 x 220 mm. 180 pages with lots of beautiful colour prints.

: SEK 180:- (+ postage).

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